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To participate

Application/Registration form

  • We can now accept payment for Application/Registration fee by post, credit card or bank transfer.  

  • Fee of €20 per class – maximum €100 per school.  

  • If your school is in a disadvantaged area and this fee poses a problem please get in touch with us.

Registration Form

       Book ID

  • All books must use this label with all relevant information.  

  • The label should be securely affixed to the inside back cover of each book.

  • The form can be typed before printing.

  • Some glues do not work on plastic: please ensure the ID label will not fall.

Download Book ID

Download Book ID

      Class book list

  • Two class lists are needed: one for the office and one with the bundle of books.  

  • A class list must accompany each set of books, with the total number of books enclosed printed clearly on top.  

  • Check your class list and be sure that an absent book is not listed as it can cause major administrative problems.  

  • A class list must also be attached to each set of books.

  • The class list can be typed.

Class list

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